O2 Media™ Grateful for Client Reviews about The Balancing Act®

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O2 Media™, the production studio behind Lifetime’s Designing Spaces™ and The Balancing Act®, is a full service media marketing firm located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Through these and other platforms, O2 Media™ promotes client products to an audience comprised of predominantly women who are seeking new and exciting merchandise and services. Here are a few [...]

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News on Designing Spaces

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Designing Spaces Announces Partnership with North American Retail Hardware Association Pompano Beach, Florida, United States of America (Free-Press-Release.com) April 20, 2012 — Popular home improvement show “Designing Spaces” on Lifetime Television and the North American Retail Hardware Association have created the “Let’s Plan it Together 2012” partnership dedicated to empowering DIYers to keep the home [...]

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Designing Spaces on Lifetime with Shawn Wooten

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The following segment aired on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Shawn Wooten from Home Shield Security to discuss home security.


Designing Spaces: So, when it comes to home security – we’ve covered the doors, we’ve covered the motion sensors, but what about windows?


Home Shield: That’s a really good question. What we’re going to look at with your windows is two options. First, your typical sensor, like we use around the house typically, we’ll go ahead and place a sensor on this window and what you’re looking for is where the window slides, the inside of the frame.


Designing Spaces: Is it as easy as installing one on a door?


Home Shield: Well, just like you did on your door, you’re going to place that and the magnet and that’s your typical window contact. Now, the problem you run into with this is if a thief was to break in this window, they’re probably going to shatter the glass, and if they break your glass, they’re probably not going to open this frame which means this is not going to trip.


Designing Spaces: Yea, so what do we do?


Home Shield: The solution for that problem is a glass break sensor. The beauty of this is instead of putting one on every window all the way around your entire room, it’s one sensor’s all you need for this entire room and this listens for glass break. It listens for that high pitched sound and it also listens for vibration, it feels for it. So, it knows when glass breaks and this will trip.


Designing Spaces: That sounds great.


Home Shield: So along with the glass break sensors, we also have smoke detectors, we have carbon monoxide detectors and we have cameras as well.


Designing Spaces: Can you tell me a little more about that?


Home Shield: The cameras are actually really nice. They’re WIFI cameras, so they go straight through your internet line. The only thing that’s required with them is that you have to have one of the newer style routers that have WPS technology. You can view it from any device, any Smart Phone, or computer, and it’ll also record motion. So if somebody breaks in, you’ll get a picture of the thief.

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Designing Spaces with Maryl, a ComEd Energy Doctor

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The following segment aired on Designing Spaces on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Maryl, a ComEd Energy Doctor.


Host, Ted Brunson: It’s a special edition of the show that’s all about you, your space and living the greener lifestyle. I’m Ted Brunson. With energy costs on the rise we are constantly looking for new ways to live more efficient and sustainable lives. From the way we take care of our lawn, to building our homes, everything we do affects the environment. So, the goal here is to treat the environment as a major contributor to our health, economy and general well-being. We have a great line up of topics to help you and your family live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. So let’s get started right now and Think Green.


Host, Ted Brunson: With the rising cost of energy, more and more homeowners understand the importance of having an energy efficient home. How energy efficient is your home? Well, with recent technologies, a lot of households are operating at very low energy costs. Our Heidi Drennan is in Country Club Hills, Illinois with the energy doctor. Take a look.

Reporter, Heidi Drennan: With the rising demand for energy, our Nation’s power grids are working to the limits during peak hours. What can we do about it? By becoming energy efficiently aware, not only will you contribute to lowering demand, you’ll lower cost and now you’re thinking green.


Designing Spaces: Think Green has picked this home for a special walk-through. We’ll take a look at what has been done as well as what could be done to reduce electrical consumption. I’m downstairs in the man cave of this home and there is a lot of energy being used down here. The more areas of your home that you make energy efficient, the bigger the savings and I am going to try add to my savings or not. With the popularity of plug-in electric cars, many utilities like ComEd offer on-line calculators and other resources that can help you choose the right vehicle. They can even tell you how much money you’ll save. Before we begin our walk-through, a few questions popped into my head to help set the stage for what we’re about to see. We’re in a mid-west home and, though there’s no such thing as the typical American home, energy usage here is strikingly different from the usage of a typical home in the south-west. Okay, so Maryl, generally speaking, which systems or appliances in our home consumes the most energy?

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Connect with Designing Spaces | Social Networking Sites

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Connect with Designing Spaces on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin Connect with Designing Spaces on Facebook Join our fan page on the world’s largest, fastest growing social network, and interact with other like minded folks. Plus, get updates, fresh content and other good stuff. Follow Designing Spaces on Twitter Subscribe to our article feed on [...]

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  Designing Spaces Gave Us a Special Gift - Our thanks to the entire Designing Spaces team for the wonderful shows you produced that highlighted Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. All of us, including our patients and their families, enjoyed working with you and the team. Thank you for bringing renewed cheer to the Love Jen Family Center. The opportunity for families to relax, play and spend time together, in the midst of difficult times, is invaluable. Thank you for this most special gift.
Designing Spaces Rating: 5 out of 5.
Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital –  

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